save me from myselfsave me from myself /克莉絲汀It is not so easy loving meIt gets so complicatedAll the things 結婚西裝you gotta beEverything is changingBut you are the truthI am amazed by all your patienceEverything I put you 售屋網throughAnd when I am about to fallSomehow you are always waiting withYour open arms to catch meYou are gonna 室內裝潢save me from myselfFrom myself, yesYou are gonna save me from myselfMy love is tainted by your touchWell some 找房子guys have shown me acesBut you have got that royal flushI know it is crazy everydayWell tomorrow maybe shakyBut 澎湖民宿you never turn awayDo not ask me why I'm cryingCause when I start to crumbleYou know how to keep me 小型辦公室smilingYou always save me from myselfFrom myself, myselfYou are gonna save me from myselfI know it is hard, it 裝潢is hardBut you have broken all my wallsYou have been my strength, so strongAnd do not ask me why I love youIt 個人信貸is obvious you tendernessIs what I need to make meA better woman to myselfTo myself, myselfYou are gonna save 太平洋房屋me from myself

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